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We do not treat or serve the Art of “Culinaria!”  Fortunately there are a lot of restaurants and some in walking distance, which serve a lot of genuine homemade cuisine and luxurious viands that are extremely talented in the field.

"De gustibus non disputandum"  

World famous recognizable cuisine with great perception of flavor, aesthetically pleasing with extraordinary combinations.

"Provola" is a typical distinctive cheese in the southern region of Italy, "Ricotta" a cheese that comes in aged varieties, "La soppressata" is a popular cold cut, "Le patate della Sila" because of its pronounced flavor utterly indispensable, "La cipolla rossa di Tropea" it consists of several concentric tunics of fleshy colors with white and red casing, "'Nduja" a spicy spreadable sauce, " Sugo nero di seppia" in the past it was used as ink, today it is mostly used in the kitchen, "Aperitivi and antipasto" and most of all their great imagination for "Contorni" is inexplicable, from home made pasta to the unpretentious and unsophisticated "Forno a legna bread" with the most exquisite and district taste, fresh seafood and meats (some restaurants even offer Halal or Kosher Meat), seasonal vegetables and fruits, fresh cheese to semi-hard cheese and much more, whether umani, sweet, salty, bitter, and sour they will definitely suffice your cravings.  Our wonderful "Gelato" an inspiration of quality! Desserts are an industry of flavor.  You can make life sweeter by eating your dessert first as an antidote for a fledgling explorer. 

We give our guests the opportunity to acquire history with distinct dining options.

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