Hotel Cetera-beachfront Catanzaro Lido
Hotel Cetera-beachfrontCatanzaro Lido

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Come and visit beautiful Calabria with dazzling waters clear as the bright blue skies with a culture of such warmth and sincere hospitality that welcomes foreigners with open arms, it will leave you breathless with anticipation in showing their beautiful antique yet modern cultures of society.  During the summer months Catanzaro Lido is a tourist attraction, a lively little seaside town full of restaurants and pubs famous for the Mediterranean/Ionic water and the exquisite food with an endless amount of choices while strolling on the Lungo Mare (waterfront) of Catanzaro Lido. The coastal town offers transportation served by a funicular line; train service located half a mile from Hotel Cetera (Fronte Mare -Beachfront), just across the street there are bus services, moreover, you can rent a car, eventhough gas in Italy is generally expensive, however, it will be worth the price considering all of the beautiful scenery, in which case, what ever you decide... they can take you to the most fascinating places that will leave you in awe, whether it is coastal, art or nature our Hotel gives you easy access! The nearest airport is the International Airport of Lamezia Terme. It is located approximately 26 Km away from the coastal city, Catanzaro Lido. A relaxing stay in charming surroundings with excellent service, and a convenient central location, moreover, it is an excellent reference point during "Esami d'Avvocato" in December just a few minutes away from "Istituto Magistrale" in Viale Crotone or "Istituto Fermi" rione Giovino.

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Hotel Cetera

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Please note: for best rates with no 3rd party fees please call us directly.  We will direct and guide you to the most fun and fascinating places with no extra fees.

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